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Root Canal Treatment Information

If your medical professional has advised you that you'll need the procedure of a root canal, then you may be worried about what you will experience when the treatment is completed. The procedure usually will require only one visit to the dental office.

Before performing the procedure, the dentist will examine an X-ray of the tooth to determine what the tooth's root appears like and identify if there is an infection present. If there is an infection on the tooth, the dentist will recommend antibiotics to clean the infection before performing the procedure. After your condition is cleared, your root canal dentist will set an appointment to undergo the procedure.

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The dentist will start your root canal treatment by numbing the area around the tooth. Even though the nerve is usually dead, anesthesia is often recommended by dentists to ease the patient's anxiety throughout the procedure. 

A lot of patients are anxious about having treatment done on their mouths. They imagine the procedure as something that could cause them a lot of discomforts. This is a myth that is shared by a majority of people. The local anesthetic administered by your dentist can protect you from the discomfort of the procedure.

The dentist should ensure that the dental area is clear of any saliva so that it remains dry. So, he could use a rubber dam to prevent saliva from soaking into the tooth or use a dental vacuum to keep the saliva out of the region.