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Choosing The Right Hydraulic Auger System

Are you choosing the right auger system for your job? Attachments play a big role on the majority of farms and ranches. One indispensable attachment is the hydraulic auger system, which allows operators to dig holes safely and efficiently from the comfort of their seats.

It helps to understand some of the benefits and attributes of commonly available auger systems to make digging holes the most efficient and productive. You can also pop over to this website for buying the right hydraulic auger.

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Auger bits should be selected by considering the ground conditions you expect to encounter along with the depth and diameter of holes you'll be digging. Manufacturers offer four common types of auger bit:  light-duty, heavy-duty, tree and rock. 

Light-duty bits have fabricated digging heads with bolt-on teeth and can be used in good soils that have fewer obstructions. Heavy-duty bits have cast heads with drive-in teeth for harsher and more difficult ground conditions, such as clay and fractural rock.

Tree augers are like two auger bits in one, with a small-diameter on the bottom and a larger-diameter on top, to produce holes for tree-planting. Rock bits are the toughest type and are made for digging in solid rock and concrete. Manufacturers offer a wide array, so do your homework and pick the best bit for your needs.

Do your researches before you buy to pick the right auger system for your application. Once you’ve narrowed down a few auger systems of interest, it’s best to get in touch with those manufacturers to find the right auger system for you. Let them know your goals, what vehicles you’ll be using the unit on and any other questions that will help drive your final decision.