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All About The Paper

Paper is used throughout the world, it is one of the most important and useful objects mankind ever found – and of course for many of us.

This article celebrates all papers! And that includes information about how it was made, various types, and some facts that were less well known.  You can also visit Arrow Printing Supplies to find the best quality uncoated papers.

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Before diving, it's important to know some information about trees. Trees consist of layers. All of these layers consist of small cellulose fibers called fibers; These fibers are glued together with natural glue called lignin. Just by collecting and sharing this we can make paper.

In its simplest form, paper making can be broken down into 3 phases. First, the wood was put into the crusher and was destroyed into very small pieces. Sawdust is then placed in water where it is boiled; This creates wood mass. Finally, chemicals like starch and binders are added and pulp is poured into a thin filter. This allows water to escape, leaving cellulose fibers behind and leaving the fiber forming paper.

However, not all problems are created equal; Trees can be categorized into hardwood or softwood; Which categories of wood have the effects on the properties of products produced.