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Role of HR in Fostering Innovative Cultures

HR is largely responsible for shaping the organization’s culture. In those situations where the HR function assumes more strategic tasks, this challenge becomes critical. As this is a cross-function serving the people in the organization, HR managers are in a privileged position to build the organization’s culture and to act as its architects.

When undertaking the task of creating and maintaining the desired corporate culture, it’s worth remembering that creativity and business innovation have become increasingly important key indicators for performance, success and growth in the long term. Hence, corporate culture must be able to make room for innovation.

Fostering innovation in human resource management requires various bits to be aligned while considering how they all fit together. It makes little sense to carry out separate actions. Each bit is part of a system that ultimately creates a culture, an environment, where innovation can thrive.

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Rather than just letting innovation happen by chance, HR professionals need to help their organisation take a more systematic and deliberate approach to innovation. Without this, you risk the chance of simply becoming another innovation one-hit-wonder.

Top 5 drivers of a culture of innovation

  1. Positive interpersonal exchange: People feel a strong sense of cohesion across the organisation and feel like they are all playing for the same team.
  2. Intellectual stimulation: The debate and discussion of ideas is encouraged and supported in the organisation.
  3. Challenge: Individuals feel that their job is challenging, complex and interesting but at the same time not overly taxing or stressful.
  4. Flexibility and risk-taking: The organisation is willing to take risks and deal with the uncertainty and ambiguity that tends to go hand in hand with innovation.
  5. Top management support: People see the top level of management as being supportive of innovation and new ideas