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What Are The Different Stages Of Child Development?

Child Development relates to the quarters which happen in children from childbirth to the period of puberty – to the moment when a baby is no longer completely dependant on her/his parents(or other adults).

These changes are usually physical, biological, psychological, mental and emotional and are affected by genes and occasionally by prenatal events also. To know more about parenting & child development you can visit https://www.medicalhealth360.com/

A child is deemed to be growing when he/she begins doing things by itself, learning new things and hence, starts gaining maturity.

There are different stages of child development:

• Infancy – This refers to the period from arrival till around age one. The newborn quickly learns that its sole way of communication is crying that it efficiently uses to express several feelings such as hunger, boredom or even its desire for needing something. A bit later, the baby starts growing emotionally through interaction with the adults.

• Toddler – This is another stage when a child learns to walk and gradually develops motor skills and begins using the correct language for communication. As understanding dawns, the child experiences great and rapid emotional changes also. He/she starts recognizing himself/herself from the mirror, displays attachment and begins doing things independently.

• School goers (Elementary school) – The point when a child receives his/her first formal schooling and learns to read, write and develop mathematical abilities.

• Adolescent – The age from thirteen to twenty when a child grows up physically and emotionally into an adult.

 This is a transitional stage happening between puberty to adulthood and is characterized by rapid physical, emotional, mental and psychological changes.