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Choose the Most Suitable Color for Your LED Strip

A wide variety of LED strips are available in the market today. The most commonly used strip is RGB. Any color can be created by mixing these three colors. The intensity of each color needs to be controlled to mix the colors and achieve the desired result. 

LED strips are used in lighting design, especially in alcove windows or outside buildings, to create an artistic look and distinct atmosphere in a room. You can now easily find the best RGBW colour changing lights online. 

Top 4 considerations before buying flexible LED strip lights - Flexfire LEDs, Inc.

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Apart from RGB strips, there are other colors on the market, such as cool white or warm white. Cool white is recommended for use in the office or in the kitchen. The warm white color is suitable for the living room or TV area. 

If an area is used as a TV area and reading area, a natural white color can be used. A completely new technology is the RGBW LED strip, which combines red, green, and blue with white. With this accessory, users can create a clear white color. 

So far it hasn't been possible because just mixing red, green and blue doesn't make white very clear. This RGBW LED strip consists of two different chips, the SMD5050 RGB chip and a white chip that is mounted on a strip and is sold as an RGBW strip. 

Currently, innovative 5050 LED chip technology combines everything in one SMD5050 chip package. Unfortunately, because this is the latest technology for LED strips, they are quite expensive. Although it is expected to be a new "must-have" in lighting design. Another new technology related to LED strips is the 24V DC LED strip series.