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How to Replace the Window Film of Retro Cars

Hunting for retro cars is not that easy to do. You have to pass several different steps. You should start by finding more information about the car through mailing lists, newspapers, or automotive clubs, then you can continue to the bargaining process until you can eventually get the car you want. 

In conclusion, it is quite a hard effort. You can also contact window tint factory via online sources.

In fact, the effort that you should do is not stopped here. There are always many accessories of retro cars that must be addressed. One of the accessories is the window film. As you know, window film for cars always comes up with new products and it spreads widely in the market with a wide variety of prices, colors, brands and qualities.

Meanwhile, many car owners often replace their window films for a variety of reasons. The reasons could be the boredom with the old window film or the car owners just want to look for another type that matches the color of the car body.

Unfortunately, for retro cars, changing window car film frequently will cause the inside of the glass to be eroded and even bumpy. Consequently, you have to spend more money to replace the broken glass.

To replace the window film safely without damaging it, you should remove the film slowly. The remaining glue left on the window can be cleaned with regular soap (or baby soap) and a soft cloth.

Make a circular motion clockwise to completely remove the remaining glue from the glass of the car window.