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Tips For Buying Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is probably the most sought-after accessory. Every girl wants a diamond, and quite a few men like to wear the stone as well. Unlike buying other types of jewelry, making a diamond purchase is a huge investment. Most jewelry stores have the same, or perhaps comparable, jewelry designs. However, most likely, you will find a completely different price. Therefore, it is important to search the internet before buying diamond jewelry.

Here are some tips and considerations to help you make the right decision when buying diamond jewelry:

1) The price of a diamond increases exponentially with carat weight. So if you are looking for a 1 carat stone, it would be smarter to choose a 0.9-0.96 carat diamond. This is because they are much cheaper with no noticeable size differences.

2) While a diamond is slightly under this weight, such as 98 carats or 1.46 carats, it is dramatically cheaper and is a better choice than the next full or half-carat.

3) If a diamond has inclusions that are too close to the ground, it will bounce and mirror everywhere, so that more inclusions appear than they really are. Therefore, always check the inclusion and position in the diamond.

4) Pay attention to the purity of the stone when looking for a diamond with a higher carat weight. This is because as the stone size increases, imperfections and inclusions become easily visible.

5) Jewelers often do not inform about minor flaws in diamonds. You place teeth on it or place it in an assembly that hides these imperfections (such as frame settings). While this is not a bad practice, the truth remains that it may not reveal the fact that there are additional hidden or invisible flaws. 

So, these are some tips that can help you that make the right decision before buying diamond jewelry.