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Refresh Your Walls With This Brilliant Brick Contact Paper

Are you gazing for wall decor ideas to remodel your home? You can fill those empty spaces with a few additions to make a house feel more like home; if you are entirely ready to turn over those blank walls into something stylish, then opt for Brick Contact Paper. No matter your style, we have got the tricks that can modify your walls and bring out your personality and taste.

Here are a few wall decor ideas that are sure to add style and elegance to your blank walls:

1. Go for large-scale art

A big painting or photograph will draw attention and set the tone in a compact space. Try a black and white in a minimalist area, or add color with a bright abstract piece to make your space more colorful and attractive. You can use this in your living room, hallway or bedroom.

 2. Curate a gallery wall

Nothing adds more appealing personality and color, quite like a gallery wall. Display a collection of wall art photographs, or add wall hangings and other wall decor pieces.

3. Incorporate an accent wall

In addition to displaying items on the walls, think about decorating the walls themselves. Try out vibrant and bright paint colors to make an accent wall, or bring in patterns with wallpaper, shaping, or other decorative paint techniques.

4. Hang up mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, helping a compact space to feel bigger and brighter. Try hanging a giant mirror or displaying several smaller styles on your wall to make it look creative and appealing.

5. Paint a mural

Bring in some other place by adding a mural on your walls. Whether you hand-paint it or pick a wall covering, the design will significantly impact the wall and the room.

6. Install shelving

If you have run out of floor space for bookshelves, take your books to the wall. Display your books on floating shelves, and you can also display with some attractive hardcovers, small sculptures, and other odds and ends.

 7. Hang plates

To make your walls unique, you can use wire plate hangers to display your favorite serving platters. If you are a gatherer of any design item, this might be the perfect place for you to show your creativity as pieces of art on the wall.

8. Go greener

Try hanging or wall-mounted planters to bring in extra greenery to your space and nature to your walls. If you are not big on water, you can go for a high-quality faux plant.

9. Set the tone with a giant whiteboard or chalkboard

A giant board is an excellent functional addition to an office, playroom, and kitchen, and they are available in multiple shades and prints. You can upgrade the level and install this whiteboard or chalkboard, which will create a writeable surface for anybody.

10. Mount your television

Mount your television. Placing a flat screen on your wall can be a fantastic way to free up your space on top of your cabinet and enhance your wall, and upgrade the whole look of your living room or bedroom.

The demand for wallpaper increases, gaining traffic and ruling over millions of hearts. So, hurry up and buy Brick Contact Paper and make your home interiors elegant and stylish, which will impact your daily mood.