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Understanding Malware: The Malicious Software

To understand what kinds of threats to your data are there, it helps to know what types of malware exist and how they work. In general, malware can be divided into the following classes:

Viruses are standbys programs that infect other programs by adding code to take control after the execution of infected files. The main purpose of a virus is infecting. The rate of spread of the virus is somewhat lower than that of worms. If you want to maximize your revenue by protecting the user experience, then you can opt for best malvertising solution.

Network worms: This type of malware uses to distribute network resources. His name means they can penetrate from one computer to another like a worm. They do it through email, instant messaging systems, network file sharing (P2P), IRC channels, local networks, global networks, etc. Its propagation speed is very high.

Most worms are spread as files, but there are some worms that extend as network packets and directly enter the RAM of the victim computer, who then run the code.

Trojans: This class of malware includes a variety of programs that perform actions without the knowledge of the user and without their consent, collect data and send them to criminals, destroy data or alter with criminal, causing damage to the operation of the computer or computer resource use for criminal purposes, such as sending bulk unsolicited email.