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Upgrade Your Kitchen With Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Unlike household kitchens, in a convenience store for chefs, style is often the last thing we look for. When it comes to serving thousands of people with varied menu choices every day, functionality often takes the place of style or appearance.

Single bowl sinks are a must for any kitchen, and a stylish model can undoubtedly enhance your appearance without compromising on the style factor. You can also find a single bowl kitchen sink via https://www.kralsu.com/pages/single-bowl-kitchen-sink.

single bowl kitchen sink

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When buying a stylish single bowl kitchen sink, pay attention to the following:

Sink style:

The single bowl sink is more popular in restaurants because it is an independent unit. The restaurant sink is available in single and double bowls. 

While the single bowl model offers enough space to wash your dishes or vegetables. You need to consider the unique situation in your restaurant to choosing the right style.

Depth and isolation:

This aspect of the sink in terms of functionality is often overlooked when buying. The deeper it got, the more equipment it could hold at one time, and that's fine. 

However, if the depth is greater, the person washing dishes or dishes will have to slouch more, which can cause back pain. Always choose a model with moderate depth.

When purchasing a stainless steel sink for your restaurant, pay attention to the above points to enhance style without compromising functionality.