Hammer Toes – Tips For Preventing Surgery

Hammertoes can produce pain in the ball of the foot. The ball of the foot is just a thick region behind and below the three middle toes. Of course, there are many causes of pain in the ball of the foot. There are many online websites where you can find out more about hammertoes.

In women, high heels are one of the common causes. The first advice is to try a more comfortable pair of shoes. If the pain is resolved, you can assume that your shoes are the cause.

People often buy shoes with a sense of style. Some women and men have dozens of pairs in many colors and fashions. But a look at their show they are, for the most poorly designed for healthy feet.

It is normal to wear high heels or dress shoes with pointed toes, as long as you do from time to time. It is the day to day pressure caused by these types of shoes, which creates the problem.

If you have hammertoes, unique cushions can be used to straighten the toe while you are standing or walking. As long as you wear sensible shoes, big enough in the toe box, skates stop rubbing and irritation on top of the foot and reduce pressure on the ball of the foot.

The surgery is similar to that done to correct hallux valgus, which is actually another type of joint deformity. In both cases, a part of the bone is removed and pins are inserted to hold the right toes.

In the past, solutions for hammertoes were not good. Today, there are many things you can do. But the first step is to buy some good shoes.