What Is Medical Marijuana, And Is It Legal?

In the United States, it is against federal law to possess, sell, give away, or grow marijuana for any purpose. Many states have passed laws that allow people with certain health problems to buy or grow marijuana for their own use.

Some states allow or license people to provide medical marijuana to those who need it. If you have a medical marijuana registry card and are a patient, you need to know where the best dispensaries are located. You can also find the legal dispensary in Palmdale according to your needs.

In some states, your doctor can write a certificate for you to be able to buy medical marijuana from a state-licensed dispensary.

If you use medical marijuana to treat an approved medical condition, the federal government might not prosecute you. But there's no guarantee. Medical marijuana laws vary from state to state. If you think you might want to try medical marijuana, talk to your doctor. You can also call your state department of health or health services to learn more about the laws in your state.

Some medical experts do recommend marijuana because:

  • It can provide pain relief when normal pain medicines don't work or have unwanted side effects.
  • It can improve appetite and relieve nausea in people who have cancer or AIDS.
  • It may help relieve symptoms such as pain and muscle stiffness (spasticity) in people who have multiple sclerosis.