Power BI: Reports Vs Dashboard

Microsoft Power Bi is a service majorly known for reports and dashboards. Dashboards and reports are the main components of Power Bi from where it all starts and ends. Power Bi consulting at https://www.epcgroup.net/power-bi-consulting-services/ can better help you understand this concept with a practical demonstration.

Though the reports and dashboards are inter-related to each other, they still have a lot of differences. A dashboard is the place where you perform all the functions like collection of data, organizing it and creating reports. Reports on the other sides are the final result of the data processes in the dashboards.

Below are the major differences between Reports and Dashboards:

– Pages: A Dashboard is one pager whereas a Report can be one or more than one pager.

– Data Sources: There are one or reports and data sets per Dashboard, whereas there is a single data set per report.

– Subscribe: A Dashboard cannot be subscribed, whereas a Report gives you an option to subscribe to report pages.

– Filter: You cannot use any filter or slice in a Dashboard, but you can use many filters, highlight and slice in a Report.

– Modify / Change Visualization Type: A Dashboard does not allow you to modify or change visualization type whereas a Report does.

These above mentioned points are the true differences about Reports and Dashboards. Get your Power Bi subscription today and explore more.