How the Facebook Chat Bot Can Enhance Your Business?

Facebook Chatbot or Facebook Messenger Bot is a new application developed by Facebook that enables one to communicate with friends and family by means of chat. This application is specially designed for the Facebook applications on the Mac OS X platform. A Facebook chatbot is also a program that performs a similar function as that of a human in that it interprets the user's questions and gives instant answers in Facebook Messenger. The chat conversation with the Facebook bot is quite fast, making them ideal for customer support.

Many people think that Facebook Chat Bots are the same as Facebook Messenger Bots, which are the software programs used for chatting online. However, this is not true, as Facebook Chat Bots are actually a separate application, using the web interface of Facebook. They perform the same functions but are developed in a different manner. One major difference between these two is that a Facebook Chatbot program can be set up to perform tasks such as accepting friendship requests, sending messages, forwarding messages, etc. On the other hand, Facebook Messenger Bot is a web-based program.

There are many ways in which the customer service support provided by Facebook Chat Bots is superior to that offered by other such services, and hence it is the number one reason to choose it over other chat applications. As already stated, a Facebook chatbot is a separate application that operates on the computer systems of Facebook members. So while a Facebook chat bot is installed on one's own computer, the customer support is carried out by the bot through a series of web requests. So the user never has to deal with any slow internet speed, as the bot will be responding at the exact time.

The customer support offered by Facebook Chat Bots is quite efficient too, considering a large number of users it has in a very short period of time. It is because of this customer service feature that Facebook has become the leading social networking site today, in terms of popularity. As mentioned earlier, these chat bots have a built-in database in order to store all the various contacts that a user might have. These databases in turn include all sorts of information about each of their registered Facebook accounts, like names, email addresses, age, genders, interests, etc. This makes it very easy for Facebook users to locate someone and contact them online.

Another important thing that the customer service provided by Facebook Chat Bots is that it works round the clock. Unlike other chat programs, where the program is available for use only during working hours, these chat bots can be accessed round the clock. Therefore, if you are sleeping, or are away on a business trip, you won't miss your business chats with your friends. Moreover, the customer service feature in Facebook Chat Bots has not limited to USA-based customers only. Any international user can use the bot anytime, anywhere, and as often as they want.

Apart from the customer support options, the Facebook Chat Bot also provides its users with a wide array of useful tools and features. One such tool is the Welcome message. The Bot will greet its new users by greeting them with a customized welcome message. You can also make use of the Bot's ability to automatically mute users (for example, when you accept a friend request). Other than this, the Facebook Chat Bot allows you to create polls, upload pictures, write comments, search the web, manage profiles, manage lists, and so on.

Apart from these, many other Facebook Chat Bots are also available such as the Facebook Whisper Bot, FxBot, MySpaceBot, and PepperBot. In case you are wondering how you can Spotify the different chat Bots, here are some tips that may help you, when browsing through the user interface of a Facebook Chat Bot, notice the Chat Box at the top-right corner? This is where you can type any command you want to perform. For example, if you want to send a photo, you can click on "send photo" and the chat box will transform into an interface for taking photos, recording a video, or playing music.

Apart from all these, Facebook Chat Bots have the potential to automate a lot of tasks for you such as scheduling events, publishing articles, commenting on various topics, and so on. Apart from the time saved, automation allows you to focus on the things you do best such as providing customer service to your customers. And if you are using one of the great Facebook Chat Bots, you would never be caught without enough time for important work. In fact, Facebook Chat Bots can even Spotify events for you. Now that is what you call automation at its best. And if you are planning to invest in such a bot, be sure to take advantage of the various bot examples that can be found online.