How A Product Becomes A Brand

When we talk about the product, it is something that a marketplace needs as per the wish of its customers. In retailing industry, products are called merchandise. In the manufacturing industry, products are bought as raw goods and sold as finished goods.  For instance, printer, fries, and drink.

As defined by Marketing Association, a brand is known as a "name, design, symbol,  term, etc that identifies seller's good or services. You can get the services of brand integrity for your business via

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"A brand is everything a customer owns about a product or service in their senses which are often symbolized by a visualization or logo". The logo could be a metaphorical shorthand for all the one-time expertise and messages you have accepted as a whole.

In the commercial world, if you are about to buy a laptop which is having no logo then it is merely a product without a brand. You can try to decide and discuss whether or not you ought to buy it by observing what it looks like, what the product definition says, and how cost-effective it is.

Maybe you can try it, but that's it. All you can buy and all you can see is this product, without understanding anything really about the sort of materials used to build it, the precision and knowledge of the people who made it, and its prestige.

Regardless of size, many company owners want to create a brand for their enterprise. However for a product to evolve as a brand needs various things to be in place.