Homemade Mothers Day Gifts Using Flowers

With Mother's Day fast approaching, many dads and children are wondering what to get for mom this year. If you're looking to create something unique and homemade, but aren't sure where to start, we've got a number of great ideas to share, all of which utilize something that most moms love: flowers.

There are numerous ways to use flowers in homemade gifts, aside from just giving a bouquet. Particularly in craft making and gift-giving, it's nice to preserve the flowers in such a way that the gift can be enjoyed for years without the worry of spoilage. The most common ways to preserve your garden's blooms are by drying or pressing. We'll break down some gift ideas by each of these preservation methods.

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Dried Flowers:

Purchase an inexpensive photo frame that you can cover with dried flowers. These can be hot glued directly onto the frame. Then the frame can be used for a special photograph or moment. One really nice idea is to use flowers that came from the event shown in the picture, such as a wedding, birthday party, or anniversary celebration.

Dried flowers can also be used to fill large vases. Choose vases of clear glass that are interesting shapes, and fill them entirely with one specific type of dried blossom to achieve the magnitude of scale. If you want to mix the colors, fill a vase with a variety of blooms to match your mom's home décor. The vases can be finished off by tying wired ribbons around the tops in coordinating colors.