Calculate Your Pro-Rata Holiday Pay And Working Hours

The term "pro-rata" refers to the method of dividing a given amount of money or a fixed period (such as an annual holiday) into equal parts, usually pro-rata periods. It's calculated by dividing the total number of days into the number of days in each period.

What is a pro-rata holiday?

When people receive pay for time worked in a specific week, they are paid a certain amount of straight time and an amount of overtime. An employee who works 40 hours a week receives a straight-time salary of $1,000 and an overtime salary of $280. To calculate your staff's exact wages, you can also buy an annual leave entitlement calculator in the UK through ScheduleLeave.

Calculating your annual leave entitlements

If you're thinking about how much holiday pay you'll be able to take, calculating your annual leave entitlements is a good idea. You can use the calculator to determine how many hours you'll need to work to accrue your full annual leave.

Why it is important to use a Pro-rata calculator

Calculating your pro-rata holiday pay is important as it means that you know what to expect in terms of your take-home pay on these days. You can also calculate how many hours you should work over the holidays, which will help you plan.