Business Innovation – Truck Trailer Snow Removal Prototype Engineering Advice Case Study

Solving issues and innovation move together, and nobody understands that, the inventor of a theory to remove snow from the surface of a truck trailer when it's still in the truck lawn so when it moves down the street that snow won't come off the surface and kill someone or cause a car injury or death. 

That is pretty unfortunate considering that the truck rate in Ohio is just 55-mph as well as the authorities for truck drivers is so intensive, so many easy avoid the country altogether, and he advised me of his thought, neither of us knew that there was a patent for this gadget. For transportation, you can get in touch with the top logistics companies in USA from the link

Nevertheless, after we re-configured his innovation after which discovered that patent we noticed that the preceding inventor's concept was not quite as strong or competent as the one we engineered. Not all of them are built like brick outhouses since the piggyback logistical freight containers are. 

  • A rubber-coated scraper,
  • Rollers,
  • Ice scraper,
  • Counter-rotating brushes.

Therefore it may want to be a standalone device except to conserve space it could be placed in the very front of a truck clean. If you wished to wash off the truck when you're finished removing the snow and ice off the surface of the trailer you can, or even the truck wash assembly may be idle and you drive a truck once you remove the snow.

The blade would need to be an angle differently you'd place all of the snow in addition to the trailer behind the trailer and consequently it would obstruct the entry to another trailer which came through. The previous blade needs to be slightly angled exactly the other way so you don't have an excessive amount of snow built up on any 1 side.