Breast Implants – Types Available

A breast implant is made from a metal outer container which can be filled with one of two materials. A physician and patient should think of a particular amount to fill to attain the desired chest dimensions. 

Different shapes are available to give unique appearances and the container may come with a smooth and rough surface. Each individual differs and will have to make these choices with the doctor before the operation.

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Saline: Saline is a combo of salt and sterile water. As a result of this, many women think that this can be a safer choice for breast implants because when a leak or rupture occurs, the liquid which starts to flood is less toxic than other choices. The container is filled up after it's added to the body, ensuring that everything stays sterile.

Silicone: Silicone is more like a gel than a liquid that is put into the container to get breast implants. They are available in various sizes and are put into the body already full. 

Your Decision to Make

Each individual will make their own choice for what kind of breast implant they are interested in. Some girls feel the silicon gives a general more natural feeling. If it is time to make this choice, sit together with the physician to talk about all the factors to take into consideration