Yoga And Meditation For Rejuvenation

Yoga associates mind and body in a very balanced way. It allows you to be wary of all kinds of grip through the senses, all the changes of gross smooth on the inside or outside and all the psychic activity.

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Through Yoga Posture and discipline, one can balance every organ inside and out. This is a step to go to conscious states is higher than the mind and spirit (minute and delicate) world. It creates you-concentration, enthusiasm, patience, and contentment.

Meditation practice dates back thousands of years and is approved by all wise like the leading representative of Yoga – Maharishi Patanjali, Buddha, Shankra, Ram Krishna and Shri Aurobindo, etc.

Many large pieces of literature such as Samkhya, Brahmins and Bhagwad Geeta full of various forms. Hindu and Buddhist philosophy highlighted Meditation Meditation because it can unfold this mystical world. Meditation is the door to get into the Treasury of Wisdom. According to Buddhism, meditation is not only enlightening but also Salvation. This opens the gate to a new dimension in life.

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