Why Massage Therapy Is Beneficial for You

The ancient art of massage therapy was developed over 5,000 years ago. Although massage therapy was initially used to treat physical ailments it has been shown that it can improve mental health. When you are considering massage therapy, make sure to choose a professional massage therapist in Caringbah. These are some of the many benefits that massage therapy can bring to you.

What is massage therapy – Massage therapy, an alternative treatment for medicine, involves applying pressure to certain areas of the body using massage tools such as hands, arms, and feet. The aim is to increase blood flow to different parts of the body. 

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Massage Therapy is a great way to reduce pain and treat many conditions. You can choose from trigger point therapy and hot stone therapy as well as acupressure. It can also lower physiological stress.

Reduces Muscle Pain – As we age, our joints and muscles become stiffer and sorer. This can cause a lot more pain in our daily lives and increase our dependence on over-the-counter medications. 

Reduces stress and anxiety – Studies have shown that massage therapy can reduce stress levels and anxiety, as well as alleviate pain. One study found that massage therapy was more effective at reducing psychological and physiological stress than a 15-minute head, neck, shoulder, and shoulder massage. The effects lasted at least 30 minutes following a relaxing massage. You can even search online for more information about massage therapy.