What Is Soft Washing

Soft washing is a system of restoring and cleaning a wide variety of substrates and surfaces, namely the more delicate substrate outside a house or building.

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What Is Soft Washing

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Originally it was conceived as a new and more effective way of cleaning asphalt shingles roof, yet from the first days, it has been further improved and currently it is used in many different areas around a house or commercial property. Is a system of restoring and cleaning separate substrates and surfaces?

Soft washing was designed to eliminate the damage caused by power washing machines and equipment when cleaning asphalt shingles.

Power washing shingles caused small limestone particles within the rash to dislodge and input the guttering system, resulting in premature failure of roof construction.

Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions were first used to break and remove green and black algae, moss, lichen, and common sludge and dirt, eliminating the need for potentially harmful use of high-pressure water processes that currently exist were in popular use.

After the news of these pioneering and highly successful techniques spread to the United States and the rest of the Earth, it became the only method recommended to wash asphalt shingles, but many different substrates as well.

Soft washing is not only safe, but it is also very effective in treating and killing micro-organisms that thrive in the porous substrate such as described above.

A special mixture of cleaning agents is being washed on the substrate and enough time is allowed on the pros of this substance to allow microbes such as algae, mosses, molds, and mildew to take a deep beating. This is something that power washing cannot do.

Fast forward now, cold washing is your favorite process of this professional power washing area to wash the exterior of homes, roofs, buildings, and many other places.