What Is A QR Code And How Do I Use It?

You may have noticed a strange box look at the signs, magazines, billboards, web pages, and more generally, the shelves of stores. QR code scanning will help you quickly scan the code and provide all information reading the products.

Image Source : Google

 QR (Quick Response) code is kind of like a barcode, similar to what you see in everyday products. Many have a URL and other hidden information that can be very helpful to research the product when you're mobile.

The code can be scanned by the camera and transferring information about this smartphone. Based on the type of code, it is possible to drive visitors to your website, make a phone call, send a vCard, or more.

QR codes have become very famous because almost everyone has a camera phone, or "smartphones." If you have a smartphone, more than likely, you already have a QR code reader. All you have to do is take a picture of the QR code application-compatible, and you will be taken to a site with more information about anything you are looking for.

For marketers, this means QR codes can provide a way to have ongoing conversations with consumers. Here are some examples:

  • QR Codes on business cards
  • scavenger hunts
  • Promotions, discounts, and gifts
  • laptop stickers or clothing
  • QR Codes are used to get likes and Following
  • Build your email subscriber list

The code might look like crap complicated, but they are easy to make. You can also get the QR software for Blackberry, iPhone, or Droid.