What A Home Care Agency Can Do For You

When a loved one is facing a serious injury, disability, or simply needs someone to attend to their needs, the services of a home care agency may be the best option. This type of agency can work as either home care for personal tasks or as a Medicare-certified home care provider, depending on your circumstances, and can be an excellent solution to personal care problems. You can search for the right professional home caregivers in Boston, Massachusetts.

Before you can qualify for home care, especially if you hope to find a Medicare-certified agent, you'll need a referral from a doctor to prove that you really need a certain level of care.


 In general, your treatment plan may require a registered nurse, certified nurse (CNA), physical therapist or personal care assistant, or housewife. What you will get and what type of service you are entitled to will depend on the reason for seeking help.

The following are all examples of when you can use the services of a home care agency and some details on what to expect.

1. Injury or Illness Invalidation – Many people who start treatment at home only experience serious non-life-threatening injuries or become temporarily ill. If you find yourself in this situation and are having trouble carrying out your normal, daily life at home, you will most likely receive a referral from a doctor.

2. Long-term disability – Long-term disability often requires more detailed and consistent treatment. It is difficult to say what cases need treatment, but help is often needed with general hygiene, physical therapy, home care, avoiding further injury, going home and taking medication, and often having someone else teach the householder how to care for the patient. Your doctor will tell you more directly about the right treatment for you.