Ways To Use Article Marketing – Online and Offline

Online means publishing on the internet and offline is a way of placing it in magazines and newspapers. Both are very easy and free.

Online marketing articles bandied as a great marketing method: with it, you have the ability to reach thousands or millions of people around the world very quickly at the touch of a button. You can publish an article online for freeto get more traffic.

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Online Marketing Article:

Before you publish an article online, you need to make sure first that you have included specific keyword/s that people are looking for in connection with the subject of your article. There are organizations around who will charge for keyword research. But, I say, if you can get it for free, use that instead!

Once you are satisfied with your article, then you need to publish it online.

There are two ways of publishing your article online: individual (article directories) or through article submissions. There are pros and cons to both.

Submitting articles to individual sites one by one for free – it will only take your more time. You may look for article directories in Google and you will get a pop-up load. The general advice is to use 5 or 6 good article directory sites that are relevant to your industry and stick to them.