Types Of Parachute Cord Knots

Parachute cord knots can be incredibly useful for climbers and campers. Here are a few of the knot's most common uses: 

  • As a safety precaution, tying a basic knot in the paracord tools can help prevent it from becoming tangled while you're climbing or camping.

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  • This knot can also be used to secure your gear while you're on the go. Simply tie it around whatever you need to keep secure, like a tent stake or tree branch, and pull tight.

  • Another great use for this knot is as a fishing line holder. Simply tie one end around a post or rock and loop the other end around the first, then pull tight to create a secure hold. You can also use this knot to tie a fishing hook, if you want it to come out the other end. 

There are a variety of knots that can be used with parachute cord, depending on the task at hand. Some popular knots include the bowline, square knot, reef knot and the clove hitch. While all of these knots are useful for different purposes, here are two specific knots for climbers and campers that we found to be particularly useful.

  • The bowline is a common knot used to tie down a tarp or shelter. It's simple to tie and can form a sturdy loop in the cord.

  • The square knot is ideal for tying two ropes together. It's strong and can hold large knots in place.