The Optimum Cichlid Aquarium Set Up

The groups of fishes commonly known as Cichlids. They are available in a large number of shapes, colours and habits which have grown to be one of the most popular fishes kept by hobbyists worldwide.

Selecting and Putting Your Tank

Since cichlids grow large always try to pick out a tank with a large surface area and volume. Make sure to have a glass cover to stop your fish jumping out. Position your new aquarium so that you avoid direct sunlight hitting the aquarium for too long as this can cause excessive algae problems. You should check the red sea reefer 350 rimless Aquarium 73 gallon at Marine Depot

Red Sea REEFER 350 Rimless Aquarium 73 Gallon

Choosing Decor, Gravel and Setting Up

Cichlids are rather territorial and also the more holes, refuges, and also interesting "zones" you are able to cause to get a much-harmonized community.

A good starting place is to put on your tank a background that could provide an organic environment and the realism that these fish will feel relaxed and unstressed in. 

Next is the gravel. Gravel that is nice is advised by us as overly coarse a size allows waste and food to collect away from water flow that breaks it down into the pockets between pebbles. There are lots of varieties. Clean your gravel in smallish levels in a bucket. It must be adequate and put the striped gravel.