The Importance of Track Maintenance

Rail industry maintenance is crucial to maintaining a safe track for freight and passenger trains. Rail can be damaged by the high speed and heavy loads that cars carry. You can also search the query ‘railroad repair near me through’ in the web browser to get results. 

If your line is not maintained properly, it may be given a "Slow order" to reduce injury risk. This directly affects how much freight and passengers can be carried through the line in a given time period.

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In the early days of railroading, track maintenance was done using a simple liner bar and various gauges. This resulted in uneven, dangerous rail lines.

The Stephenson Gauge was eventually adopted by the United States and continues to be used around the world. However, these large numbers of workers were required to complete the task. They were required to replace any rails or ties that had been damaged or broken and lay the ballast if they could. We can now do many of these jobs with the help of technology's exponential growth.

Today, fewer people are required to do the same job that used to take hundreds of workers. However, with the help of machines such as tie-changers and spikers/spike pullers in rail, these tasks can be completed in a much shorter time and are safer. Ultrasonic Hi-Rail machines can see fractures in rails that are not visible by visual inspection.

Rail maintenance that isn't performed regularly can cause small cracks in the rail to become more severe with increased force and speed. This could lead to the train being derailed.