The Evolution Of The Wedding Favor Box

Wedding favors date back to the early 17th century when they were given to wedding guests as a mark of admiration. Wedding Favor box allows the wedding couple to show their originality and creativity by giving something to the guests.

It is a way of saying "Thank you" to be a part of their wedding celebration. You can also browse online resources to find more information about the wedding gift box.

wedding gift box

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The idea of giving favor box dates from the early 17th century, when the upper classes used to provide sophisticated gifts. These boxes are still a popular way to present a small token of appreciation to all those who were part of the wedding celebrations.

Wedding Favor box Types

Today, wedding favors boxes are best suited to give sweets, chocolates, wedding cakes, or even cakes. But one can replace eatables, delicate glassware, photo frames, key chains, and so on.

They usually come in a small box tied with a satin ribbon. However, different boxes of different meanings today mean taking into consideration the gifts they bear.

For example, specially dosed boxes are ideal for gifting candles, cookies, and candy, or anything that can fit inside the box. Gifting sweets remains one of the oldest and most popular ways to meet this eternal tradition.

Choose according to your taste

The design of the wedding can vary from simple to flamboyant. Over time the concept of wedding favor box became more innovative and challenging.