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What Should You Consider Before Hiring Tent Rental Services In California?

Parties are fun and fashionable nowadays. You can have anything from weddings, birthdays, or theme events in your backyard. This is why you need an affordable tent rental service in California to satisfy your needs. The right choice of a party tent is a matter of weighing many aspects and the freehand plan.

The knowledge of the different kinds of tents is a must

There are generally two kinds of tents that are booked.

Framed Tents are that have the structure of poles that are horizontal. All poles are covered in drapes in framed tents, which is why they are ideal for small spaces. 

Pole tents comprise an enveloping structure made of the perimeter, quarter, and central poles. Poles inside the tents are staked into the ground, which means that they require more space to put up and will require big spaces. It is also possible to be selective about the flooring you'd like to have. 

Plastic, wood, and artificial turf are all choices when it comes to choosing the floor. Make sure you choose the right one.

Count the number of guests that will attend your event before renting a tent service

Indicating the number of guests who will be arriving at the time of the event is an important factor to consider before hiring the services of a tent since it can help determine the size of the tent as well as the space required to put up the tent. It can also aid in determining the cost of your event.

The decor in your tent

Make sure you know what type of décor you'd like to have for your event and then discuss the details with the rental company. They are generally well-versed in the various options, you only need to think about your ideas and choose one before putting up the tent. It is important to look over every item they are giving you for your design and look over all of the equipment provided.