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Basic Information About N95 Respirator Mask Types

The N95 series is the most widely used particulate respirator mask and meets all US government standards. NIOSH – the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health – tests face masks to reduce airborne contaminants.

NIOSH has nine approval classes: N95, N99 and N100; R95, N99 and R100; P95, N99 and R100; P95, N99 and P99; P100. You can contact us if you want to get more information about the N95 respiratory protection mask.

These approvals are arranged by oil compatibility or filter efficiency. This letter indicates how the filter performs in environments that are exposed to oil aerosols. You can also contact us if you want to get more information about n956

N95, N99, and N100

These filters can be used to filter out dust. Noto is used in conjunction with oil aerosols These should not be used in areas that are exposed to particulates that do not contain oil. The n-respirators can often be reused several times.

R95, R99, and R100

These filters are oil-based. Respirators are suitable for use in environments containing particulates, liquids, and oil-based hazards. These masks are only for one time.

P95, P99, and P100

These respirators are safe to use in all environments that may be exposed to dangerous particulates. The time limitations for p-respirators apply.