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Why Should We Use Poly Mailers?

Mailboxes are lightweight but sturdy plastic bags designed for product shipping. They have a self-sealing folding lip so there is no need for tape and the shipping label can be affixed directly to the bag. They are thin but durable so they don't take up much space in the truck when you transport them.

Mailboxes come in a variety of sizes and styles, some of which are lined with bubble wrap so they don't require additional locks, as many mailboxes need to hold items in place to prevent damage in transit.

Much lower shipping cost:

While corrugated boxes are strong, inexpensive, and resistant to damage, poly shipping boxes offer protection while reducing shipping costs. Due to their lightweight and small size, personalized print-up poly mail packages cost less per shipment than mailboxes.

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Mailboxes take up less space than boxes, which will help reduce the size and help you save more on shipping costs. The more shipments that end up in boxes that can be safely packaged, the more shipping costs will cover your margins over time.

Smaller and lighter:

Since mailboxes are made of plastic, they are easier to store in terms of storage. Their small size also means they take up less space in the carrier vehicle, so you pay less for shipping. In terms of delivery, the mail packages can sometimes fit into the mailbox, reducing the chance of theft compared to parcels on the porch.

Custom brand options:

The personalized packaging your brand uses will make your shipments stand out. Like a cardboard box, Poly Mail can contain your logo, colors, and images if you want a sleek look.