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Benefits of Collaborative Mediation – Seeing Both Sides of Every Story

Every story has two complex and unique sides, and the ability to interpret and relate to each side is a divorced couple's asset that shouldn't be taken lightly. A mediation team consisting of men and women enables the professional to offer a mediation approach that yields results that other companies cannot expect.

Finding the right mediation team is essential to the livable and functioning divorce process and production. It is now easier to get in touch with a professional mediator through the internet. 

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When interviewing the team, monitor their interactions closely. What messages and verbal cues do you hear? What body language do you see? Your ideal mediation team offers a seamless flow of information and advice that doesn't look like two people, but like one whole.

Don't be afraid to ask questions about your mediator experience, education and training. Ask if they are married or divorced and if they have children. Ask about the ages of their children and try to gauge their views on parents and marriage. 

Although there are boundaries between the client and the mediator, a good mediator will share the basics of their views and give you the opportunity to learn the context of their beliefs. Your mediator experience is also a life skill they bring to their job.

Ask about previous jobs and what areas lead to mediation. The best thing about co-mediation is that you have two types of life experiences that you can evaluate and ultimately use in the mediation process. It is clear that co-mediation maximizes available resources.