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Wean A Child Off Thumb Sucking

"Finger Sucking is very common for the kid," says all pediatricians. It's very simple for them to use the finger or thumb as part of their habit to find happiness and to relieve themselves. In the first few months of life, or even sooner, the baby can be a thumb or finger-sucking as a way to fall asleep, to quiet, or just a good feeling.

At this stage, not just the thumb or finger sucking general, it is considered harmless in terms of the growth and development of children's speech. The question maximum parents ask themselves, however, is how long should it take? How to stop finger sucking? Should a child still suck his thumb when he is ready for preschool?

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Kids Who Will Not Quit Thumb Sucking

Normally, a kid who is about 2-4 years old will begin to develop coping skills other than the thumb or finger sucking, such as language development.

Hayes said the child's coping skills replace the need for sucking the thumb or finger. But for some children, sucking the thumb or finger sucking harder to kick, which can cause problems for their mouths.

We used to think that as long as the child stops sucking when they develop their permanent teeth there will be minimal impact on the mouth and jaw. Now, research shows that the thumb or finger sucking may have an impact even at a younger age -. As old age 2 to 4 years.

So be aware of the habit of thumb sucking.