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How To Do The Perfect Lash Lift

Lash Lift Kit contains sachets of the solution and perm neutralizer each. Silicone rods, brush for permanent wave applicators, tools for lifting metal strips, glue for peeling and sticking. You will also need some cotton swabs and a small bowl of warm water.

Choosing the correct rod size is the most important step in the lash lift procedure. To get perfect curls, the lashes should cover two-thirds of the rod. If the lashes cover the entire rod, the result will be too round or curly, which will result in very short hair. It is not desirable. You can also look for lash lift kit via https://www.gladgirl.com/products/lashlift-eyelash-perming-kit

It's much easier to complete this treatment if you have the right tools:

Using collagen pads under the eyes is especially helpful when lifting as they protect the lower lashes and allow you to work on a clean surface.

Metal Lash Lifting Tool:

It is a precise tool that allows you to lift your ear just above the silicone rod. Don't try to use anything else! Always lift lashes straight over the stick. Do not attempt to brush or shake the lash extensions outside of Aberdeen.

If done correctly, the outer lashes will naturally fall off and glow on the outside. If done incorrectly, the outer lashes can become twisted.

Application of solutions for lifting edges:

Never apply the solution to the ends of the rims. The solution should be applied with a brush that is half the length of the lashes. This creates a perfect "lift", not a "perm curl". In general, the ideal working time is 8 minutes. Asian lash extensions take less time, usually around 5 minutes.