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Things Your Should Know Before Hiring a Dog Day Care Agency

Every pet owner wants to give their canine companion the best care, especially when they are not around. It's not easy leaving your dog behind when you have to go somewhere he can't. You might even feel guilty for leaving your beloved dog home alone, not to mention nervous that he might chew something up.

However, with a quality care service, you can let these concerns go. Plenty of dog day school in Durham NC to take great care of your doggie while you are away and love him like their own.

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Choose a Positive and Healthy Environment for your Dog

Before choosing a doggie day-care service, be sure to tour their facility. Make sure that all the places where your puppy will be hanging around are free of waste and properly maintained. Take note of their safety precautions as well. Some notable things you should look out for include:

  • Secure fencing where your doggie will play outside
  • Proper entry and exits points to avoid escape
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Floors that offer good grip for dog paws
  • How well attendants can keep an eye on dogs in their care
  • Separate play areas for larger and smaller dogs

Make Sure your Dog Gets Plenty of Playtime

You certainly wouldn't want your puppy just to be kept in a cage with some food. A good dog day-care center will have attendants play with the dogs or monitor them while they play together. Professional dog nannies will work with dogs to help them socialize and provide behavior training where needed.

Time spent at in dog day-care can help a dog gain experience with new people and other dogs, making them friendlier and better-mannered.