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Everything You Need To Know About Disposable Podcast Vapes

The popularity of disposable pod vapes has increased rapidly. They have only launched a year ago and are still the most popular vapes in many shops. Easy-to-use design and consistent vapor are the main reasons for vape pod popularity.

 While we may have only known a few brands a few months ago, there are many options today – some are great.

 What is a Disposable POD Vape?

A disposable pod vape, also known as an e-cigarette or vaporizer, is a non-rechargeable electronic cigarette. Manufacturers have moved away from the traditional tobacco cigarette design and are now using a modern approach. This new design allows for a larger battery and increased e-liquid storage.

It's not surprising that many pod vapes can use nicotine salts, as they are very popular.


We have tried many of the best disposable vapes over the years and we must admit that these new vapes taste even better. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of all disposable pods that we tested. They delivered great vapor, a fantastic throat hit, and long battery life. There are very few chances that you will ever need to puff on a dummy.

Standard disposable pod vapes are no longer than 3 inches in length, powered by a 240mAh lithium battery, and contain a 1.2ml of e-juice. This vape offers more than half the traditional disposable's offerings, and there are many other differences.

Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and carry, without worrying about it getting lost in your pocket. It is also more discreet and inconspicuous than a standard disposable cig-alike.