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Major Types Of 5D Diamond Kits

There are many types of 5D kits to choose from, but there are 3 major types. And these are – Full Drill, Partial Drill, and Multi-paneled kits.

1. Full Drill Kits – Diamonds covering the entire painting.

This kit is printed with the symbol on the entire canvas. Adhesives cover the full picture and best to work in a small part as a full drill painting requires a lot of time and patience to complete. The end result of a painting full drill will often cause the audience to fall in love with the aesthetics and the hobby in general. You can also visit https://ozdiamonddotz.com.au/facet-art-kits/theme/disney/ to get the best Disney diamond painting kits.

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2. Partial Drill Kits – Diamonds covering only a partial portion of the painting.

Each canvas is printed using high definition printing techniques, but only some of them have paintings with diamonds that cover the entire canvas. Painting printed symbols to indicate where to place the diamond.

3. Multi-Paneled Kits – Partial OR Full Drill Paintings that include more than one painting to complete the final piece.

These kits allow creating decorating ideas, large passion projects, and hours of mind-calming fun. The canvases themselves are made of a vast array of materials.