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Root Canal Therapy In Modern Dentistry In Alexandria

The main causes of root canal treatment are infections, diseases that permanently damage the pulp or severe trauma to the teeth. Cavities that are not treated properly or properly can damage the tooth structure (tooth enamel and dentin) and ultimately the pulp.

Dental trauma includes physical trauma as well as involuntary pulp inflammation from other dental procedures. You can also get more information about root canal in Alexandria via https://galleriadentalalexandria.com/root-canal-treatment-alexandria-va/.

root canal

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Root canal treatment should end with a visit if there are no complications. Subsequent visits to the office may be necessary to check for infection. The whole process involves two main steps.

The first is the measurement, which can include anesthesia and possibly sedation. The dentist removes the top of the pulp through the hole to measure the canal itself. In the second step, the line is measured using X-rays and/or an electric apex tracker.

This is a very important step in this procedure as the dentist must take care to remove all diseased pulp tissue from the root canal. Rinsed with an antiseptic solution, the channel is then dried, compacted, and tightly closed.

Depending on the condition of the tooth, sometimes the dentist may wait for the next visit to close the tooth. In this case, temporary replenishment will be placed between visits. Full crowns are often the restoration option after root canal treatment to protect these teeth from fractures. Treated root canal fractures often occur if the tooth does not heal quickly.