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Products You Need To Set Up A Hair And Beauty Salon

Setting up a hair and beauty salon is a good business sense because people always find time and money to take care of their looks. In fact, despite the recession, a hair and beauty salon sector is growing worldwide and is expected to continue to do so with the increase in population.

Assuming you have your plan in place, here are the most important hairdressing capes you need for hair and beauty salon fully functional:

Products on You Need To Set Up A Hair And Beauty Salon

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1. Styling and Barber Chairs

You can choose from a star or disk-based seat that has a mechanism to adjust the height. Depending on the image you want to project to your hair and beauty salon, styling and traditional barber chair can or very contemporary in design and color.

2. Mirror

You need a big mirror with brackets plus a small handheld mirror back in case the customer wants to check updo. Again, you can play with the color of the frame to fit the look you want to achieve for your salon.

3. Points Wash

It’s a reclining chair for washing and shampooing complete with footrest, tilting basin, tap water, and pipes for hot and cold water.

4. Reception Desk

It must have all the features to keep the records and other things, but also have to make a style statement. A reception desk may be the first thing customers see at a hair and beauty salon, thus making it memorable.

5. Hood/hairdryer

Require elaborate hairstyle hood dryer to hold their shape. The handheld compact dryer is also important and more often used in dry hair and beauty salon and hairstyles.