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Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Cleaning Tips

For a restaurant's owner, It is vital to take care of and maintain each piece of equipment that ensures your business is operating properly. A few of the crucial pieces of equipment that you need to maintain and clean up in an establishment are the exhaust and kitchen hood. 

This is one of the areas that shouldn't be overlooked in any way. In addition to the fact that an unclean exhaust or kitchen hood causes food contamination, lower cook quality, and even imposes fines for health departments as well, it is an imminent risk. Many companies provide reliable services for the maintenance and repair of commercial kitchen equipment according to your needs.

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Explosions, grease fires, as well as smoke damages, are the many hazards that are common with unclean kitchen hoods and exhausts. Unfortunately, kitchen fires that are commercial are more frequent than you might imagine.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining industrial kitchens is essential in reducing the number of deaths. To make sure that this doesn't occur to you in your restaurant, be aware of how to maintain your exhaust and hood and what you should do if the commercial kitchen equipment is damaged and difficult to clean.

Recommended Maintenance

Kitchen exhausts and hoods aren't the only components in the kitchen system which demand regular attention and care. Along with the hood as well as the exhaust kitchen vents and ducts, kitchen vents and hoods also require regular maintenance. 

Additionally, the components such as the deep fryers and grease traps ovens, stoves, and open grills need to be maintained and regularly cleaned. 

This can help improve the airflow in kitchens and help to ensure compliance with fire codes and ensure a safe work area and lessen risks of fire. This will keep local health inspectors, fire marshals, and insurance firms off your backs too!

The Benefits Of Commissaries

Commissaries may not be required or necessary for every food truck owner, they can be very useful. 

Here are some benefits that you can enjoy when using a commissary: 

1. Convenient storage

It is clear that storage space is one of the biggest advantages of renting space at a commissary. You can also look for the best shared commissary kitchenette in Austin for your food business.

Whether you just park your truck or keep all your materials and supplies at the commissary, it's important to have a licensed and food-safe facility to ensure you meet all Health Code requirements. 

Also, if you have more free space, you can purchase a large number of materials and supplies that may not fit on your truck.

2. Available Supplies

Many Commissary representatives also offer a variety of supplies and commonly used materials. 

Here you will find items such as water, canned and bottled drinks, ice, staples such as bread and rice, produce, meat, dairy products, utensils, snacks, plates, napkins, gloves, desserts, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, and propane. 

3. Parking and charging

As noted earlier, many cities require that food trucks be parked overnight on commissary. Your truck needs electricity to survive the long days downtown, and the commissary is a great place to recharge your truck.

While you won't find this service if you rent a restaurant or local school, some commissaries that are designed especially for food trucks also give a variety of different services that can simplify your profession and make it simpler to start a food business.