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All About Roasted Nuts Cinnamon

Roasted Nuts are often salted with heavy and almost always add other ingredients, such as sugar, corn syrup, MSG, preservatives, and other additives.

Also, many people have difficulty digesting nuts due to their high-fat content. Adding more fat during roasting makes it harder to digest. Finally, roasting destroys most of the pecan’s cinnamon sugar nuts nutritional content.  

Especially vitamin B1 (thiamine), which helps produce energy and maintain a healthy heart, is most often destroyed during baking. And grilling not only destroys enzyme inhibitors but also destroys the enzymes the body needs to aid digestion. So roasted nuts may taste better than raw nuts – but at the cost of your health.

Sprouts Beans.

Sprouted peanuts elegantly solve the nutritional problems of roasted peanuts and the bland taste of raw peanuts. This process dates back thousands of years and is still practiced today in non-meat cultures where nuts are a staple food. 

This traditional process, called germination, does not begin with drying as is done with raw or roasted peanuts. Instead, freshly picked beans are soaked in water, causing them to sprout. The beans are then removed from the solution and slowly dried at very low temperatures with low humidity.

This slow drying process breaks down enzyme inhibitors, releasing the full nutritional content of the beans and allowing the body's natural enzymes to digest the beans. This process usually takes up to a week, as in the case of well-chosen almonds, where dead nuts are rejected for not sprouting.