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Fertility Treatment Provide The Ways to Get Pregnant

IUI fertility treatment works by using a catheter to help insert sperm into the uterus . This technique increases the chances of sperm to the oviduct, which will increase the chances of conception.

IUI fertility treatment usually only considered by couples who have been unsuccessful in getting pregnant when struggling for a year or more. Many fertility clinics recommend IUI fertility treatment solutions as a possible solution to treat such situations. You can find the best infertility treatment at https://familyivflahore.com/services/iui/.

Can IVF solve all infertility issues? Six facts bust myths around ...

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Infertility can be caused by several reasons.If you do not get pregnant because your partner's infertility, IUI can help. In this treatment, the male sperm sample is taken, cleaned and injected into the woman's cervix through a catheter. This increases the chances of sperm reaching the egg and therefore your chances of conceiving.

In case of IVF both sperm sample and egg from the women is taken. Eggs are joined with sperm outside the body and put back into the woman's body. This greatly increases the changes of fertilization and hence help you get pregnant.

ICSI may be a treatment that can offer you with the highest changes in pregnancy. In ICSI both egg and sperm are taken. A sperm cells then identified that have a level of activity that is best and is used to implant the eggs in the laboratory.