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Why It Is So Expensive To Repair BMW Vehicles

Since 2013, all BMW dealers have water-based paint used in the painting process.

More than 70% of water-based paint used by BMW is composed of water, which reduces emissions of more than 3,500 tons of organic volatiles per year compared with 84% of the organic volatiles in traditional paint, the equivalent of planting 500,000 trees. To know about bmw repair in Glendale visit https://www.formulaautomotivegroup.com/service/bmw/

BMW standard painting method consists of 10 primary methods, more than 30 levels, through the delicate method of scraping, rubbing, spraying, etc., utilizing 20 types of equipment more than 50 tools and special elements to ensure a comprehensive match with the real car.

BMW paint professionally certified technicians not only tight, but also experience can accurately control the film thickness error within 5 microns, complete reduction face paint protection vehicles and mechanical properties.

By replacing the traditional water mill with a dry mill dust-free during the spraying operation, BMW can reduce waste by approximately 20,000 tons per year.

In the process of heating, electrical heaters, or infrared heating lamps heating the cake can replace diesel, and annual carbon dioxide emissions reduced by nearly 20,000 tons.

differentiated services: increase customer satisfaction

Based on high-quality after-sales service, BMW continues to enhance customer satisfaction through innovative models of digital services.

BMW Connected App Cloud was launched in 2016, BMW has customized online ordering, delivery, door-to-door, road rescue, and the question is illegal for Chinese customers, thus providing a more convenient and high-quality after-sales experience.