The BMW M2 Is Great For Drifting

BMW's are known for their nearly perfect weight distribution, which gives them excellent drifting capabilities. There is perhaps no better modern vehicle the company makes than the BMW M2 when it comes to drifting and sporty driving. Sure there are other BMW's in the lineup that have more power to accelerate you forward rapidly, but the BMW M2 strikes a happy medium in a lot of ways. The short wheelbase of the M2 makes it more nimble and precise than the bigger BMW M4, even though the M2 has less power and weighs just a bit less.

If you want to see an example of just how toss-able and playful this car is you car watch the BMW M2 drifting video on TailHappyTV. Lately there have been several BMW M2 drifting videos published to their channel showcasing the performance capabilities of this car. Of course, you should not be drifting any car on public streets since it puts your driving license in jeopardy, but with such a great vehicle it is difficult to resist the urge to slide the back end out at every opportunity. Just be careful where you drift your BMW M2 and try to keep the tires for squealing too much so you can have fun without getting caught. Also be mindful of people who may be out walking near your vehicle.