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Health Benefits of Turmeric – Anti-inflammatory

Many studies have researched and are continuing to examine the broad spectrum of health benefits of turmeric, including its anti-inflammatory effects and even the promising science behind the success of the best turmeric supplements.

– Turmeric is a strong COX-2 inhibitor. The COX-2 enzyme is responsible for inflammation and pain, and many NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) target the same enzymes.

– Mouth cancer shows inhibited activity when turmeric supplements are applied to the tumor site. This effect is strengthened by the inclusion of green tea extract. Liver cancer growth is suppressed and cancer cells suffer more cell death with turmeric given orally.

– The symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, including morning stiffness, swelling of the joints, and persistence in exercising, improved significantly with oral curcumin.

– Turmeric may have significant health benefits in multiple myeloma because curcumin inhibits constitutive STAT3 and IL-6-induced phosphorylation in some myeloma cells in humans.

– Patients with psoriasis can also take advantage of curcumin supplements by blocking the signals they produce.

– Psoriasis with a topical skin cream that can be used to prevent and treat plaque.

Turmeric has many health benefits, from anti-inflammatory to neuroprotective and in between. Research has demonstrated the use of this amazing ingredient and establishes a safe and powerful supplement for everyone's dietary supplement.