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Essential Oil – A User’s Guide

The use of essential oils was known to the ancient Egyptians long before research into their healing and aromatic properties began in the early 19th century. The sweet aroma of essential oils has been infatuated with people for centuries.

Alternatively, essential oils are mixed with a good carrier oil and applied to the skin after a morning shower to maintain a refreshing feeling throughout the day. It makes skin soft, smooth, and youthful. You can also buy the best essential oil mixes through http://essentialoilwizardry.com/.

Essential Oils Recipes for Winter Skin

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Essential oils are plant extracts obtained from flowers, stems, leaves, bark, and other parts of plants. The process is often complex and requires distillation using steam or water from the factory. 


Diffusion means inhaling the aroma of essential oil. The oil evaporates with the help of accessories like an electric diffuser, ring light, aroma lamp, scent ball, etc. 


The therapeutic effects of essential oils combined with the magical power of touch strengthen anatomy and promote general well-being. When using essential oils for massage purposes, it is recommended to dilute them with a carrier oil. It's too concentrated to use cleanly.


An essential oil bath can be very relaxing. In addition, it will help combine the benefits of hydrotherapy. Just add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to your bath or spa and get that rich and nourishing feeling. 

There are many uses of essential oils. You can experiment on your own to discover new uses for the oil and thus contribute to the already bubbling research on the subject.