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Get Information On Bengal Cats

Bengal cat's spotted or marbled coat is thick and soft, they even have a big, glossy muscular build, curved slighted long facial, oval eyes and thick tail. They have an enviable, exotic look with no wild character of the much bigger untamed ancestors.

These cats have a collection of horizontal stripes in their faces, called mascara, which stretch across the eye on the rear of the throat. Their sides and back are marked with areas such as those of a jaguar, and the rest of the human body, tail and legs, are marked using stripes that are symmetrical. If you want to buy a Bengal cat, then you can check out Bengal Legacy.

Bengal cat

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In Bengal cats, the stains occasionally have a marbled appearance and are usually composed of two colours. These cats also have silver or gold coating, sometimes referred to as glitter, as well as the feel of the fur is wealthy and silky-smooth. Bengal Cats have another sound in their voice and also are inclined to be quite vocal.

Initially a number of Bengal Cats inherited the erratic character of a wildcat, but breeding applications focused on breeding a milder nature. The national feline is quite active and lively, but also rather self indulgent and silent.