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Why Bamboo Nappies Are Better For The Baby

Cloth or disposable bamboo nappies pose many advantages for your infant and the surroundings deciding on the proper nappy for your baby can be a small balancing act. First of all, you need something which is gentle and comfortable on your baby's skin. 

On the other hand, you also need something which is cost-effective. Even if you have learned about the harmful effects of generic nappy brands, then you may also be searching for something that's is eco friendly. For that, you can visit the website for buying the best eco-friendly nappies online that come in different sizes and colors.

Well, bamboo diapers come from a natural source that's easily replenishable. And they're 100% bio-degradable too. Bamboo is a fast-paced plant in the grass family. When it is processed to be made to cloth, it's then technically referred to as a Rayon fabric. Rayon fabrics can also be produced from different materials such as cotton or wood pulp.


  • Bamboo diapers are more costly than cotton diapers. 
  • In reality, bamboo cloth absorbs 70 percent more liquid than cotton.  
  • They offer you a trimmer fit since they have fewer layers of substance.  
  • Bamboo diapers resist heavy wetting as a result of their enhanced absorbency.  
  • They create an excellent, overnight diaper.